Some of the children shared that they had seen fireworks over the weekend and talked about going to upcoming fireworks displays and bonfires.  So for small group this week we had some creative and messy fun by making our very own firework pictures!

The children were able to use materials such as chalk and paint to create their own fireworks!

There were so very big splashes in the creative area and lots of different patterns being shown using the chalk.


In our group room we talked about being safe around bonfires and fireworks. The children were able to point out and share dangers and what could happen if they weren’t safe!


The children have also shown an interest in traditional stories. This week the children experienced the sand story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We used props from the small world area to tell the story and the children did a great job joining in!


We hope everyone has a lovely time seeing the fireworks and stays safe!