After our lovely trip to the farm the children have been animal craaaazy! So we decided to explore different type of farm and wild animals for small group time.

The children were given individual bags full of different resources e.g. fences, walls, assortment of animals. They were left to their own creative devices to explore and play and build their own zoo’s and farms. Some of the children shared their resources with each other to make bigger fields of animals.

We also went on our Teddy Bears Picnic this week which was so much fun! We went down to the forest and had lots of yummy snacks with our cuddly teddy’s and then explored the environment, looking for flowers and climbing the trees.

Some children were ever so daring they climbed up so high and were swinging like cheeky monkeys!

The teddy’s also joined in and they all got stuck up the big tree and needed rescuing by Miss Pollard and Miss Begum!

We had a lovely walk there and back and the children were super sensible and looked after their teddies, especially when walking across the River Don where we stopped to look at the ducklings.